Rollspel på QueerCon 2021

På QueerCon så kommer vi att hålla i flera rollspel inne på vår discord. Här hittar du information om rollspelen och vilka tider de kommer att spelas på samt anmälan.

Shenanigans on Sand

System: Chameleon

Tid torsdag 5/8: 18:00-22:00 (Anmälan)

Max antal spelare: 4

The sand. The sand is everywhere. And… it behaves weirdly. Do not leave things on the sand. Do not get too exposed to it. The sand is all over the place, yet no one knows exactly what it does or how. Stranded on a desert planet, the players and GM will work together to create a narrative to explain the strange phenomena they are experiencing. In this science fiction scenario, where comedy will be quite present, we will land on a mysterious never-ending sea of dunes, improvising a story in collaboration with the other players!



System: Eon IV

Tid torsdag 5/8: 18:30-22:30 (Anmälan)

Välkommen till fantasyvärld där inga hjältar är helt goda, och inga skurkar helt onda, men alla handlingar har konsekvenser. Ni arbetar för Jargiska inkvisitionen, och skickas till en regnig by för att ta reda på om de mystiska händelserna där kan vara orsakade av illegal magi. För dig som gillar mysterielösning, mörk fantasy och moraliska dilemman. Riktat till 15 år och uppåt.

In the Palace of the Dragon King

System: Chameleon

Tid Fredag 6/8: 18:30-22:30 (Anmälan)

Max antal spelare: 4

We begin at our darkest moment, shortly after your capture at the hands of the dreaded tyrant. Who are you? Why do you want to bring down the Dragon King? How did it all go wrong?

You are a group who have infiltrated the palace of the Dragon King, a shape shifting pseudo-faschist tyrant ruling the town with an iron fist. This scenario takes place in three acts where we play in an in medias res fashion. We start in the middle of the story and play until right before the end. Only then do we go back and play the first part of the story, and figure out how these people got in this mess.

TW/CW: interrogation, fantasy fascism, hopelessness, loss

Something Green in the town of Sailead?

System: D&D 5e

Tid Fredag 6/8: 18:30-22:30 (Anmälan)

Sailead has been legendary famous for its vegetable production, from sweet green tomatoes to obscenely large cabbages. Although recently no-one has heard from the them, until one of their farmers came to our town asking for help, they being famished, deliriousand talking about a being called “The Great Greenthing”. Adventures we need you to travel to the Sailead, find out whats going on, and defeat this being!

Miss Marple but everyone are orcs

System: Chameleon

Tid lördag 7/8: 14:00-18:00

Max antal spelare: 3

You’ve all been invited to Lord Ingraham’s for a party at his beautiful summer estate. He’s gathered his fanged family, queer friends, scheming neighbours, and that small-fanged Miss Marple who always seems to know more than she lets on. During the course of the evening, a body is discovered! Blimey! Who did it? How did they do it? And what does Miss Marple know? Play and find out!

Drömmarnas Dans

System: Nordiska Väsen

Tid lördag 7/8: 18:30-22:30 (Anmälan)

I det mytiska Norden, inspirerat av vårt 1800-tal, utreder Sällskapet övernaturliga väsen och händelser. Ni spelar alla medlemmar i Sällskapet, och har Synen: kan se det andra inte kan. Ett mystiskt brev bjuder in till ett värdshus i Uppland, och märkliga saker börjar hända. För dig som gillar folktro, skräck och mysterielösning. Riktat till 13 år och uppåt.

Mishaps and mayhem at Mr McLuck’s Mansion

System: D&D 5e

Tid lördag 7/8: 18:30-21:30 (Anmälan)

Max antal spelare: 5

Mr Mc Luck, the most successful business man in the entire kingdom of Hawlin, has for many years let their secretary posted a quest on various Adventuring Guild’s messaging boards. Every year for the past 13 it has been updated with a larger and larger bounty yet fewer and fewer are takers. Your party, in a desperate attempt to pay off a debt to the city of Portsbourgh, reluctantly took on the only quest that could pay it all off in one go. You will be sent to Mr McLucks Mansion on Fortuna Island and get the reclusive Mr McLuck out of there unharmed. The question is, will you come back at all?