Rollspel och Lajv

Rollspel och Lajv

Vi har flera rollspelsarrangemang och Lajv under konventet, samt ett drop-in rum där du kan träffa andra som delar hobbyn och spela mer spontant.

Alla anmälningar sker via anmälningslänkarna som finns i samband med scenario/lajvbeskrivningarna. Det är inte ett krav att föranmäla sig men gör du det är du garanterad en plats.

Du behöver inte vara van rollspelare/lajvare eller ha erfarenhet för att delta. Alla nybörjare är välkomna!

Uppsamling fem minuter innan varje arrangemang vid drop-in rummet, plan 3. En majoritet av våra rollspel och lajv spelas på Engelska, men Goblins Galore! kan även spelas på svenska. Har du frågor? Maila

Drop in-rummet på QueerCon

I Drop in-rummet kan du snacka rollspel och bläddra i lite mer obskyra titlar – och hitta en spontan spelgrupp att testa dem med. Ta gärna med egenskapade rollspel, eller spel du vill få möjlighet att spela.

Inga föranmälningar krävs – det är bara att dyka upp.

Drop in-rummet arrangeras av Bläckfisk Förlag. Vi finns på plats för att samtala, tipsa och hjälpa spontana grupper att komma igång. Vi har även med förlagets produkter till försäljning.

Rummet kommer att vara bemannat mellan 10 – 18:30, men öppet hela konventet!


Torsdag Room 1 Room 2
10 – 14
14 – 18 Fire, Love, and Necromancy
18 – 22 Goblins Galore! The Lofty Beacons
Fredag Room 1 Room 2
10 – 14
14 – 18 The Tribunal (14 – 16)
18 – 22 A Study in Practical Astral Travel Black Pram


Chameleon: A Study in Practical Astral Travel

1883 in New York a group of friends visit an occult conference called the Fourth Annual Procedings of the Confluence of Aeons. At a private lecture of Madamme Vaughn Black’s, their lives are turned upside down. Enter into a world of seances and magic, of science and quackery, where mysteries hide in every detail.

The scenario A Practical Study in Astral Travel is a scenario for up to four players exploring magic, witchcraft, and time travel in an occult setting. It uses two game masters to enable a complex story with two timelines in parallell.


LARP: Black Pram

Suburbia, summer, now. A young couple became parents for the first time. Suddenly there was love, so fragile and so violent at the same time. Suddenly there was the smell of baby skin. The sensation of wispy hair in the dark. Small, grasping fingers. Greedy sounds.

And then the siege began. The sounds. The creeping coldness. The fear.

Lars and Helene are fighting for their baby’s life. Every night a dark figure with a black pram waits outside their house. It waits for them to finally come out and give him what he wants. It waits for them to give up.

If you like movies such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Sixth Sense, this is the game for you. Keywords are mood-driven, intense, creepy and player-centered.


Chameleon: Fire, Love, and Necromancy

In a renaissance town where the magic to common sense ratio is skewed far in the favor of the former, the job of a lowly firefighter never gets boring. When a team of five fire officers are dispatched to investigate a residential building which seems to burst into flames on a regular basis they are put face to face with the stranger side of queer high-fantasy every day life.

The scenario Fire, love, and necromancy is a queer slice of life comedy with a high fantasy twist. It is played in the improvisational role-playing game Chameleon. We will be playing in English, all documents can be provided in a screen reader friendly format upon request.


Dungeons and Dragons 5th: Goblins Galore!

Posters have been put up around town. ”Brave Adventurers Needed”, they state. A group if goblins are gathering somewhere outside the village, and a large sack of gold is on the line for anyone who finds out what they are planning and puts a stop to it. Are you willing to uncover this mystery and possibly earn the gold and glory?

This is a beginner friendly, lighthearted game of dungeons and dragons. I would prefer to run this in english, but I can play in swedish if the group prefers it. So if you are a veteran or someone who just wants to know what D&D is all about, feel free to join me for this mystery!


LARP: The Lofty Beacons

In a post-apocalyptic future, everyone has been killed by zombies or the death-cults of the waste. A few communities of survivors have holed-up in the mountains. Your crew has been sent to maintain one of the Lofty Beacons: a chain of remote mountaintop signal fires, kept unlit. You will serve for several years, lighting your beacon if enemies march on the mountains or if a neighboring beacon is lit.

Some fans have already begun jokingly calling the game “Waiting for Gondor,” though unlike a Beckett play, there’s some actual things that happen during the game, including a series of challenges facing the crew of sentinels.

This version of the game won the “Crew Pick” Honorable Mention award in the 2015 Golden Cobra design competition.


LARP: The Tribunal

Two soldiers from your unit have been charged with the crime of stealing bread. If found guilty, they will be shot. The problem is that they are innocent.

The Tribunal is a short, intense participatory scenario about the mechanics of oppression, inspired by Orwell, Krylov and Buchner. The scenario takes place in a space of waiting, just before the first one of you is called to testify in front of the military tribunal. Each of you will face the judges alone, not knowing what the others will say. So if you want to make a difference, or be sure you survive, you need to discuss and deal now.



Arr Registreringslänk Spelarantal
Fire, Love, and Necromancy upp till 4 RPG
Goblins Galore! upp till 5 RPG
The Lofty Beacons 8 till 16 LAJV
The Tribunal 5 till 12 LAJV
A Study in Practical Astral Travel upp till 4 RPG
Black Pram exakt 4 LAJV